XM Studios - Red Ranger

If you were born or even grew up during the 90s, then you would have heard the term “Power Rangers” multiple times growing up. What started as a simple translated adaptation of a pre-existing Japanese franchise eventually evolved into one of the biggest franchises in pop-culture history! Despite the franchise being largely known for their action figures and cosplay props, we’ve seen multiple statue brands release some impressive pieces. One such brand is the Red Ranger statue by XM Studios, and I have one word for it: MORPHINOMINAL! 

XM Studios did a fantastic job with this piece. The added details on the suit give it a more modernized & tactical look whilst staying true to the iconic spandex design that the team is known for. The base, despite having the Tyrannosaurus logo etched into it, seems rather dull in my opinion. Had the painters at XM included some red seam lines throughout the base to indicate the magma underneath the rubble, it would have benefitted significantly! 

They added some brown colouring on the boots to replicate dirt, so it wouldn’t have been too challenging for them. However, this doesn’t jeopardize the statue in any way. In fact, I have to give the painters props for their level of precision when dealing with the smaller pieces, like the etches on the sword and the details on both the morpher and dagger. 

Overall, despite the minor gripe I had with the base, this statue is a phenomenal piece. One that’s not only worthy of having the XM Studios logo attached to it, but also of the franchise itself! This is a statue that would be perfect for any Power Rangers collector, and that is why I’d give this a 9/10!

James Aquilina

Malta Statue Collectors
Official Columnist and Reviewer