September 21, 1994 - It was the day the first Tekken game was introduced as an Arcade game, which then became a port on the Playstation 1 in 1995. Everyone born in the 90s grew up with Tekken. 

I myself started off with Tekken 3, remembering all the fun fights we had with friends and family. Especially when they introduced fun game modes like the Beach Ball mode and Bowling (Which first appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament). Aside from game modes we also had fun characters like Gon, who was a small, silent dinosaur who somehow survived after all his species got extinct, and now spends his time travelling the world.

Gon is one of the three hidden playable characters in Tekken 3, along with Doctor Bosconovitch and Tiger Jackson. His appearance seems purely ornamental, considering no motive is given for him participating in the third King of Iron Fist Tournament.

February 18, 2015 - 21 Years after the first game, we got Tekken 7. This was the game which got me more interested to look into the competitive side, but after several attempts learning from a few friends , I decided to stay on the non-competitive side while still supporting those around me to reach higher goals and achievements in their esports career. 

Speaking of esports, it was at one of the biggest esports events, Evolution Championship Series, where Tekken 8 was given a brief teaser.

Bandai Namco officially announced Tekken 8 in September 2022. They did so with a two-minute trailer combining cinematics with some gameplay.

A year later the Demo was released on the Playstation 5 Store showing a few modes and characters that came with it.

We got to see part of the Story, the usual versus mode where you can play as 4 of the characters in the tekken roster including Jin Kazama, Nina Williams, Kazuya Mishima and Paul Phoenix, a Gallery, Super Ghost Battle and a new game mode called Arcade Quest.

Arcade Quest mode will give gamers the experience of playing fighting games at an arcade in the comfort of their home. Since Arcade Quest is inspired by the arcade culture that has boosted the series' success, it offers not just a game mode but also a taste of what to expect for those interested in “in-person” Tekken events.

Aside from the Competitive Ranked Matches, Arcade Quest is probably one of the most exciting features of Tekken 8, and hopefully, Bandai Namco will share more about the new mode before the game's release early next year.

Tekken 8 Demo will also be Available on Xbox and PC on December 21st and will be officially released on January 26, 2024.

I for one am super excited to see what this game has to offer after experiencing the demo, but what do you think? Will it be one of the Best and Biggest Fighting game in Gaming History ? 

Leave a comment and let us know !

Luigi Grech

Gamer and Columnist