Iron Studios - Sub-Zero statue review

Throughout Mortal Kombat's advertising history, Scorpion was portrayed as the victor over his rival / nemesis Sub-Zero in almost every battle they've ever had. However, if we're comparing both the Scorpion and Sub-Zero Iron Studios statues from their "Klassic" line, Sub-Zero is the clear winner. The statue perfectly captures the essence of the notorious Lin-Kuei cryomancer assassin.

 The level of detail is on point from the ice to the skulls to even the costume itself. With a dynamic pose that calls back to the character's iconic spine-rip from the old arcade games, this would be a Sub-Zero statue that is able to satisfy people on both sides of the aisle: those who grew up with the old arcade games and are die-hard Mortal Kombat collectors, as well as the "modern audience" who fell in love with the franchise via recent game releases like MK9. If you're interested in a Sub-Zero statue without worrying about breaking the bank, then I recommend getting this for your collection. Overall, I'd give this an 8.5/10!

James Aquilina

Malta Statue Collectors
Official Columnist and Reviewer