Spider-Man 2

(Spoiler warning)

 A bit late for this but it’s better late than never !

It was back at the Playstation Showcase of 2021 where we got a small clip of Peter Parker and Miles Morales teaming up. All this together with a quick look at how Venom will look was enough to hype almost every Marvel / Spider Verse fans including myself.

With every trailer released the bigger the hype grew and on release we were totally not disappointed.

Producing a sequel can be challenging. Sticking to the same formula can make look unambitious but if you change too much you risk losing the features which made the first game successful.

In Spider-man 2 we are back in New York City, this time bigger than ever. We get to switch between Peter and Miles as Kraven the Hunter invades the city in search of a Supervillain group to hunt for “Fun” up until he finds a Prey worthy of his defeat.

One of my favourite things in the game is something that didn’t involve either Peter nor Miles. It was when I got to play as Miles’s hearing impaired friend, Hailey. Hearing what she hears and her way of understanding the world made this side quest really interesting. 

But on the whole it was so much fun seeing villains like Mysterio, Sandman, the Lizard , Venom and to everyone’s surprise Scream. Seeing others turn "good" and a teaser hinting that Carnage might be included in either a DLC or a future Spider-man game was also really cool.

With the game coming to an end we get to know that the Green Goblin might be making an appearance together with Cindy (Aka Silk). But that's not all. We also learn about the return of Doc Oc himself when he tells us he’s writing “The Final Chapter”. What this meant we don’t know exactly but I’m sure it will be another great Story to tell. 

I am looking forward to see where all this will lead to. It was an amazing game with surprises till the very end of it. In my opinion this game will definitely be in the run for Game of The Year. But as we all know, competition will be fierce.

But what did you think of the game ? 

Let us know your opinion and if there were things you would like to see in future Spider-man games


Luigi Grech

Gamer and Columnist