Sideshow - Ghost Rider Premium Format

Within the statue collecting market, its hard to find any bad (or mediocre, to put it in a nicer term) statue of the motorcycle-riding Sprit of Vengeance. Considering the overall design, its hard to mess up a simple yet iconic look: a flaming skeletal figure with a leather jacket riding a demonic (or regular, depending on the iteration) hellfire powered motorcycle leaving trails of fire in its path, with fiery chains flying everywhere. That’s why the upcoming Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Ghost Rider statue gets my seal of approval!

First things first, this statue completely nails the shelf presence factor. With its massive overall size, in terms of height, width & depth, it is a standout piece and would be perfect for any Marvel statue collection. In terms of details, it is a visually stunning piece! The use of translucent polystone used for the fire surrounding the base, motorcycle, chains & head really makes the statue stand out, and the charred textures throughout the leather jacket give it that extra level of quality which Sideshow is known for.

Whilst most Ghost Rider statues on the market consist of either the character himself riding the vehicle and more emphasis is placed on said vehicle, or the character himself but without the vehicle, this is one of those rare instances where (excluding 3D print files) the character is standing on top of his motorcycle in a dynamic pose with fiery chains flying around him, and thankfully, Sideshow managed to make the both the motorcycle and the main character visually pleasing without one overshadowing the other. 

Despite the good amount of praise that I gave this statue, there’s one major factor that is hindering this from being a perfect 10 out of 10: the price. I have seen other premium format statues by Sideshow with the same level of quality be released at a fairly cheaper (almost half) retail price compared to this piece’s retail price, which exceeds over a thousand euros, and that’s excluding shipping and customs. With this retail price alone, I’d be better off taking that money and spending it on either a Prime-1 or Infinity Studio statue. Make no mistake, you do get your value for money with this piece, but it is an expensive piece nonetheless, so take that how you will. Factoring that into this review, I’ll give this statue a 9 out of 10!

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James Aquilina

Malta Statue Collectors
Official Columnist and Reviewer