Iron Studios - Scorpion  Statue

​Scorpion, the face of not only Netherrealm Studios, but of the entire Mortal Kombat franchise itself. This fiery specter has been adapted across various platforms, including statues. The most recent Scorpion statue to drop on the market is the "Klassic" variation created by Iron Studios and inspired by the old arcade games. Unfortunately, despite having a good level of detail (which is expected from a high-quality brand like Iron Studios), it doesn't make up for how lackluster the statue itself is. When you think of the titular character, you'd picture him surrounded by a wall of flames & burnt corpses with a sword in one hand and his infamous rope-spear in the other seeking out its next victim. Unfortunately, what we instead got was a static pose of him wielding his spear with both hands and surrounded by burnt skeletal corpses. For the hardcore classic arcade fans of Mortal Kombat, this statue would be perfect for them, but for those who became fans of the franchise from the recent game releases, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone rushing to their local store to purchase this. Overall, I'd give this 6/10

James Aquilina

Malta Statue Collectors
Official Columnist and Reviewer