Marco Gervasio

We are thrilled to announce that Marco Gervasio, one of the most illustrious illustrators in the industry, will be gracing the upcoming Pop Sculptcha event as our special guest. Gervasio's journey in the world of illustration has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by unparalleled talent and a remarkable career.

After successfully completing his studies at the Rome University of Illustrations, Gervasio took a giant leap into the enchanting realm of Disney. Graduating from the prestigious Disney academy, he swiftly made a name for himself, showcasing his unparalleled artistic prowess. In 1997, he unveiled his first Disney story, setting the stage for a series of captivating narratives and memorable characters.

Gervasio's creative genius truly shone through when he transformed Rome Football Star Francesco Totti into the beloved Papertotti, a unique and endearing cartoon version. This groundbreaking creation added a new dimension to his already impressive portfolio, showcasing his ability to bring iconic personalities to life in unexpected ways.

The illustrator's collaboration with Rovio Entertainment on the world-renowned Angry Birds Comics further solidified his status as a trailblazer in the industry. His artistic vision breathed new life into the beloved characters, captivating audiences worldwide.

Notably, Gervasio's partnership with IDW Publishing resulted in the creation of breathtaking Disney covers that left a lasting impression on fans and critics alike. His ability to infuse magic into every stroke of the pen garnered widespread acclaim, making him a sought-after artist in the world of comics.

In a crowning achievement, Marco Gervasio was honored with the prestigious Romics D'Oro in 2018, a testament to his unparalleled contributions to the world of comics. Bestowed with the title of "Master of the Comic," Gervasio's impact on the industry was officially recognized, further solidifying his place among the greats.

Join us at Pop Sculptcha as we welcome Marco Gervasio, a true luminary in the world of illustration and comics. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the magic unfold as he shares insights into his creative process, experiences in the industry, and perhaps even unveils some exclusive surprises for fans.

Save the date and get ready to be enchanted by the artistry of Marco Gervasio at Pop Sculptcha – where creativity knows no bounds!