Judges and Host Unveiled!

Exciting Lineup of Judges and Host Revealed for PopSculptcha Cosplay Competition

In a thrilling announcement for cosplay enthusiasts, PopSculptcha is proud to  unveil the amazing panel of judges and the charismatic host for the upcoming cosplay competition. With an array of seasoned professionals, this event promises to be a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship in the local cosplay scene.

Meet the Judges:

  1. John Peel - Master of Costume Making
    • Renowned for his extensive experience in the world of cosplay, John Peel is set to bring his expertise in costume making to the judging panel. His keen eye for detail and passion for the art form make him an invaluable addition to the competition.
  2. Kurt Borg - Wizard of Prop Making, Leatherworking, and 3D Printing
    • A virtuoso in prop making, leatherworking, and 3D printing, Kurt Borg's multifaceted skills are sure to add depth to the evaluation process. Contestants can expect insightful critiques and appreciation for intricate details from this seasoned judge/cosplayer.
  3. Jade Aquilina - Wigs Extraordinaire and Costume Maven
    • Jade Aquilina, a powerhouse in wigs, wig making, prop making, and costume creation, will bring a diverse range of expertise to the competition. Her knowledge across various cosplay elements will undoubtedly contribute to a comprehensive judging experience.
  4. Lauren Hankinson - Maestro of Makeup and Wig Styling
    • Bringing a touch of glamour to the judging panel, Lauren Hankinson is recognized for her excellence in makeup and wig styling. Her discerning eye for the finishing touches will play a pivotal role in evaluating the overall presentation of the contestants.

The Host:

  • Ayrton "It-Turu" Borg - The Charismatic Cosplay Guru
    • Taking on the role of the host is the experienced cosplayer Ayrton "It-Turu" Borg. With a wealth of knowledge and a vibrant personality, Ayrton is set to engage participants and audience alike, ensuring a lively and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the event.

The PopSculptcha Cosplay Competition promises to be a showcase of talent and passion within the cosplay community. Contestants are encouraged to bring their A-game, as this distinguished panel of judges, along with the dynamic host, guarantees an event that will leave a lasting impression on both participants and spectators. Get ready for a day filled with creativity, craftsmanship, and the magic of cosplay!

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