Malta Statue Collectors: Levelling up for Playcon

In September, the Malta Statue Collectors team rolled out the red carpet for their Hollywood debut at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Baystreet. Now, the team decided to level up for the 4-day gaming convention known as Playcon… and what an event it was! 

Thanks to GMR, we were able to use this amazing opportunity to bring our community to one of the biggest gaming events in the Maltese Islands. As a result, our gaming-themed booth, which was packed with life-size busts, statues of all shapes and sizes, and props, was bustling with activity! Throughout the event’s entirety, not only were we greeted by hundreds of onlookers who stopped to talk to us, sign up for our membership card and take pictures, but we were also greeted by cosplayers (with some amazing looking outfits, might I add), local influencers and Ministers and even official gaming tournament commentators. 

On the third day, we even teamed up with the dynamic duo from ‘Cavemen: The Podcast’ to give away some of our membership cards as a prize for anyone daring enough to take on their Hot Nut challenge, which ultimately ended up being a fiery (pun intended) hit! 

Overall, this year’s Playcon was a phenomenal experience, and there is no doubt that next year’s Playcon will be even bigger and better. 

Keep Playin’ and Keep Collectin’!

James Aquilina

Malta Statue Collectors
Official Columnist and Reviewer