Elita Creatures Collectibles - Pennywise 1:1 Bust 

The scariest time of the year, Halloween, is finally upon us once again. Whilst some are preparing their decorations and costumes (and treats, of course) in advance, others have other priorities on their mind. I’m referring to statue collectors who would take this opportunity to possibly add some horror element into their collection, and what better way than to review a piece I’ve had the pleasure to see up-close. The Pennywise bust by Elite Creatures Collectibles can be described in two words: terrifyingly amazing! 

This bust perfectly captures the twisted and psychotic clown as he appeared in the 2017 reboot titled “IT”, and it shows that Elite Creatures Collectibles spared no expense. From the cracks and crevices on the skin, to the real hair & costume fabric, to even the handmade glass eyes that help to elevate the horror factor by perfectly capturing his menacing stare, this bust is a must have for any monster or horror themed collector. Despite the retail price being a potential turn-off for some collectors, the details put into this bust and the LED base that recreates the sewer tunnel scene from the film when activated more than justifies it in my opinion. That is why I’m proud to say that this bust gets a 10/10!

James Aquilina

Malta Statue Collectors
Official Columnist and Reviewer