MSC goes to Hollywood: 

a collision of film franchises

A few weeks ago, the Malta Statue Collectors announced its collaboration with the Malta branch of the global restaurant chain, Planet Hollywood. The result? A weekend long movie-themed statue event with incredible statues, film screenings, giveaways, and so on. However, what truly helped to elevate the event was the fact that the local cosplaying community had arrived all dressed up! 

Ever since the first live video promoting the event had dropped, which saw a local cosplayer donning the armor of the infamous Mandalorian Din Djarin from the Star Wars universe, you could tell there was excitement in the air on which characters might make an appearance, and when the event arrived, we were not disappointed. In the opening hours alone, we saw some amazing costumes inspired by the Star Wars franchise, from Mando (with a highly detailed animatronic Grogu in his satchel) and other mercenaries like Boba Fett & Bo-Katan Kryze, to even the elusive Jawa. 

As the event progressed, what happened next was a literal collision of film franchises. Cosplayers dressed up as Power Rangers, anime-themed heroes like the fiery swordsman Rengoku & the battle-hardened Princess Mononoke, and even iconic characters from classic films, such as the Mask, Indiana Jones, and even Pulp Fiction. The level of quality each cosplayer put into their costume was truly exceptional. With such a diverse (even STAR-STUDDED) lineup, is it any wonder why the event was a massive hit?

James Aquilina

Malta Statue Collectors
Official Columnist and Reviewer