Indiana Jones - Cinemaquette

Despite how one may feel towards the latest instalment within the blockbuster ‘Indiana Jones’ film franchise, you cannot deny the impact the film has had within our society, especially within the realm of pop-culture. This heroic, brave, charismatic adventurer has left a mark on every corner of pop-culture, from cosplay to gaming, and now, statues! 

The 1/3 scale Indiana Jones statue that was made by Cinemaquette is an amazing blend of detail, and ingenuity. Its impressive height not only gives it that shelf presence that many collectors (myself included) appreciate, but it also allows one to admire the level detail this statue has. Despite having a hefty retail price, it is a dynamic piece with high quality materials for the clothing, and each one bearing a certificate of authenticity signed by the main actor himself.

 As for the ingenuity aspect of this statue, rather than using polystone or PVC or resin (materials that many statues use nowadays), this piece in particular uses silicon for the skin, giving it that extra layer of realism that makes it look like the character seamlessly jumped from the big screen and into real-life! Overall, this statue gets a 9.5/10!

James Aquilina

Malta Statue Collectors
Official Columnist and Reviewer