Cavemen Podcast 016: Just One Drink with Jeff

by Matthew Cesareo

Being sober clearly didn’t work out and in this episode we’ve declared that drinking makes the show better!

Taste This: In our Taste This segment, we uncorked a bottle of 10-year-old Ardbeg, setting the stage for a peaty adventure. We nearly downed the entire bottle and tried to hold our composure till the end.

Story Time – Wildest Deleted Tweets: Brace yourself for a wild ride as we spill the tea on the Wildest Deleted Tweets. It’s a story time session filled with laughter, shock, and a few eyebrow raises.

Uncomfortable Corner : Join us in the Uncomfortable Corner for a segment that delves into thought-provoking topics, including the Epstein list and flea-theory. It’s a conversation that sparks intrigue and reflection and us taking the piss.